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Norfolk Row, Sheffield

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Since opening in 2012 we have found there are a growing number of people who share our love for people, food and coffee, and they are the ones who have made us a place to gather, eat, drink and enjoy a moment.

We take a few bookings for every day, so use the link below to see our availability. Our coffee room is also available for hire on weekdays for private meetings or events.


It's all about delicious food & coffee. 

Created simply, made well.

We gather locally sourced produce and wherever possible make everything from scratch, in house. Traditional long fermented breads are handmade & delivered daily by the Welbeck Bakehouse. Our acclaimed seasonal salads blend great British produce with interesting flavours from around the world. Couple all that with our outstanding baked goods - created in house, all day, every day.

Our curiosity and sincere love of coffee is reflected in how we source and make it. House beans are roasted by The Barn, who have become one of Europe's most well established quality-focused roasters, sourcing some of the best coffees from around the world, which we're proud to brew and serve every day. Combine this with fresh milk from Our Cow Molly which is produced & delivered 3 times a week from their dairy farm, which sits just 5 miles away.

For lovers of a well-brewed filter (like us) we bring you coffees from a select few roasters, brewed using the Kalita Wave or the innovative Aeropress.

Our aim is to offer you the best of British food and drink, made fresh, in house, every single day. We are a small (but growing!) team of people who are all incredibly passionate about what we do and hope you will get a sense of this from the moment you walk through our door.




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