Gitesi, Rwanda (Workshop)


Chelchele Kochere, Ethiopia (Round Hill)

Elver Males, Colombia (Round Hill)

Our baristas are passionate, knowledgable and highly trained in the craft of making coffee in an approachable way, with the ability to understand the subtle changes required to make sure you get a great tasting cup every time.

House espresso & batch filter is sourced & roasted by our good friends at Workshop Coffee Co. in London. As quality-focused roasters they source some of the most delicious coffees from around the world, and work closely with growers & producers, harvesting lasting relationships to bring an ever-improving quality in the cup.

For the other coffees in our range we go to a variety of different roasters from around the UK & Europe, to showcase the great diversity & quality on offer within speciality coffee.

Our black tea comes from Yorkshire Tea. They're a classic British institution who we all know and love, who are committed to quality and providing a proper (strong) brew. If you’re looking for fruit and herbal teas, ours come from Joe’s Tea Co. - completely organic and bursting with flavour.